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90's Fashion Is IN!

 Bringing Back 90s fashion

Every new year brings a new trend, or at the very least, trends get recycled so to speak. Today when you visit the shopping malls and restaurants you won’t miss the fact that the 1990’s are making a comeback in the world of fashion. From overalls to crop tops, chokers and platform shoes, we have it all. Here are the top five 90s fashion revival trends of 2018, found only at Barbie Wholesale.

  1. Floral wedge sandals with lace and a bowtie

If you were born in the 80’s or earlier, then surely you remember the platform shoe trend. The romantic elegance presented by these floral beauties makes a statement. Available in 3 different background colors with the floral pattern, these shoes alone will make your outfit absolutely stunning from head to toe.

  1. Two-piece black choker necklace with gold/rhodium ends

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Chokers are not only on trend for 2018, they are more elegant and intricate these days as well. This particular romantic rope chain choker is the perfect complement for almost any outfit or occasion. Perhaps the most unique feature it presents is the fact that you can wear it several ways. See it here.

  1. Spaghetti strap floral chiffon crop top

crop top

Crop tops make for an excellent option during those warmer seasons. This crop top features a lovely floral design with ruffles cascading to the bottom in a variety of colors that are sure to satisfy all your moods. They are one size fits all, and they perfectly complement any shape – especially with a chic, high waisted jean.

  1. High waisted skinny jeans

90s pants

It goes without saying that high waisted jeans were practically everywhere in the 1990’s. And today, they are making a big comeback. Available in both blue and black, for only $17.25 Barbie Wholesale offers a sleek pair in each color for a variety of occasions. They perfectly represent the 90’s and help you look amazing effortlessly.

  1. Beauty Glazed glitter waterproof eyeshadow

90s makeup

Everywhere you look these days there is glitter. With such a trend re-arising comes a wave of new shadow palettes. This 90's wholesale fashion makeup kit comes in 4 different palette options with a variety of colors ranging from deep purple to lavender, to gold, green, and orange hues.

Barbie Wholesale - Your 90s Fashion Revival Source

At Barbie Wholesale, we offer a wide variety of lovely women’s clothing in every category you can think of. The good news? Not only are our products beautiful and crafted from only high-quality materials—we offer our products for CHEAP. Therefore, there is a pretty good chance that you may find your favorite new outfit or two and exit the site without feeling the guilt of spending large amounts of money on oneself.

The real highlight of Barbie Wholesale is that we know we are always stocked on trendy clothing for every season. From romantic, flirty blouses, to athletic and formal wear – Barbie Wholesale has it all, especially 90s fashion hits!

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